The Most Average Releases of November 2012

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The Most Average Releases of November 2012

With each passing year the plot to drop a Best Of The Year list creeps earlier and earlier into November. We, the critical journos, take notice to major labels slanging cash cow bands like Green Day and Kid Rock in time for Black Friday and the Christmas lists of bros who drive F-150s. The major-indies are slanging limited packaging reissues that fit neatly into hung stockings. Pitchfork has not declared a Best New Music release since October, and yet we are still having heated debates around the office spaceheater as to our #1 pick for November tomorrow. Does this mean the former 11-month year as an industry standard was reduced to 10 months? If there was a vote, we missed it, but no complaints – our invitation to the union meeting must have gotten lost.

Tuesday we announce the Best reasons to not give up on 2012 just yet and rethink those year-end list results for another week, but today we look down this list and understand why our fellow journos want to give their achey hands a rest, click through Black Friday arrest videos on Worldstar, and plot for 2013. Because a new Pit Bull record is a good reason to give up. Because we learned the Shazam's Most-Tagged Songs of 2012 [via Potholes In My Blog] and fear this information will be used for evil, like a supergroup comprised of Gotye, Carley Rae Jepsen and Flo Rida, produced entirely by David Guetta.

Deftones, Koi No Yokan (Reprise)
Dirty Projectors, About To Die EP (Domino)
Green Day, DOS! (Reprise)
Kid Rock, Rebel Soul (Atlantic)
Lana Del Ray, Paradise EP (Interscope)
Madness, Oui Oui, Si Si, Ja Ja, Da Da (Cooking Vinyl Records)
Pit Bull, Global Warming (RCA)
School of Seven Bells, Put Your Sad Down EP (Vagrant)
Soundgarden, King Animal (Republic)
Bad Brains, Into the Future (Megaforce)
Crystal Castles, III (Universal Republic)
How To Destroy Angels, An Omen EP (Columbia)
9th Wonder, The Solution (Duck Down Music)
MHz, MHz Legacy (INgrooves)
Teen Daze, The Inner Mansion (Lefse)
Isis, Temporal (Ipecac)
The Weeknd: The Trilogy [XO/Universal Republic]
Mitt & Obama, Oval Office Lunch (5 Dollar Foot Longs)
Jets Starting QB, Buttfumble (Mark Sanchez)
Black Friday, Hillbilly Free-for-all (Worldstar)