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The Ordeals

With constant upheavals, both external and internal, it’s sometimes a life-affirming necessity to stop and remind yourself of the things you believe in, and their beneficial influences on you and your perception of the world. For Dan Francia and Kerry Kallberg, and their new band The Ordeals, whose debut 7-inch is out November 27, such a meditation takes place in the form of an electric guitar, a steady punk drumbeat, and great friendship. The two friends, both members of Flagland, started this project with Mike Abrams and Dave Weckermen (The Feelies), with the goal of incorporating a sunnier side to punk. Francia says about the 7-inch, “I wanted to make an objectively positive record. That was the goal. I wanted a plea for goodness. I did a lot of the stuff to make this 7” happen, but we are still a band of four equal individuals.”

The A-side, “I Believe”, is a (perhaps all too) brief incantation of simplistic instrumentals and raw, honest vocals, professing the things held dear to Francia’s heart. The chuck of acoustic guitar strumming makes itself known every now and again, but for the most part, an incredibly catchy electric riff trudges on incessantly in punk rhythm, and it fades out just as quickly as it takes effect, not even allowing for the fun guitar solo which starts in to really register. Positivity may be short-lived, but perhaps it’s enough.

The Ordeals “I Believe” 7-inch will be available November 27 on ECB&B. You can stream it in full below.