Quietus, Volume Three

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

Quietus is ready and raring to go with their third full length, eloquently titled Volume Three, which drops March 3rd on Ever Never Records. We’ve got your exclusive premiere of the work in its entirety right here.
Though the EP begins at a slow crawl – frontman Geoffrey Bankowski’s vocals are the only aspect keeping the song from being featured in a thriller – with transfixing track “Your Hidden Swim”. From there, the pace picks up ever-so-slightly, as the reverberation causes the entire second track (“The Second Night-Blooming”) to dissolve into a beautiful disarray. “Grandmothers” exists in a more ethereal sound space, “Souvenir Bruise” is a track for a vagabond on a great, sprawling adventure, and “Fire Escape & Birds”, I will admit, is largely void of understandable lyrics, ending on a more cryptic note than its predecessors. “Oh No” rounds the collection out nicely, beginning as a lullaby, ultimately unfolding into a dynamic rock track.

Volume Three is available now via Ever Never Records.