The Reptilian – New Sound, “Old Growth”

Corinne Pachl

Out of Kalamazoo, MI, The Reptilian is joining forces with Community Records and Skeletal Lightning to bring us their new record, End Paths.  While this album won’t debut until September 16th, we’re bringing you the first single, “Old Growth”. 


The Reptilian has been praised for fitting in with other contemporary acts like Loma Prieta and Battles, and I have to agree. Actually, this new song, “Old Growth,” oddly reminds me of a harder version of the the Killers – I don’t know if it’s the vocalist’s tone quality or the way the music is executed – but whereas the Killers are gods of the alternative genre, the Reptilian brings us something more real. It’s indie enough for the hipsters who want to say they knew the Reptilian back when, but heavy and grounded enough for actual rock fans.

From the crisp melody at the beginning to the perfectly warped, thrumming end, this song is a rich, full rock song about coming into your own and finally getting situated into life, but not being able to shake that feeling that life still isn’t quite right. This is definitely a concept I can empathize with – I’m sure there are countless others who could relate.

Come for the electric, buzzing guitar work, but stay for the good vibes, well-executed scream-singing, and the excellent overall musicianship.

Tour Dates
July 20th- Detroit,MI at The Sanctuary
July 21st- Toronto,ON at Soybomb HQ w/ Foxmoulder
July 22nd- Montreal,QC at La Sala Rossa w/ Gulfer and Vasudeva
July 23rd- Quebec City,QC at Le Sous Sol De Cercle w/ Gulfer and Vasudeva
July 24th- Ottawa,ON at Cafe Dekcuf
July 25th- Hamilton,ON at Doors Pub and Taco Joint
Aug 13th- Bloomington,IN at The Mellancamp
Aug 14th- Nashville,TN at Blackbird Tattoo
Aug 15th- St. Louis,MO at Zambo’s House of Voodoo
Aug 16th- Little Rock,AR at Hollow House w/ Flesh Born
Aug 17th- New Orleans,LA at Saturn Bar w/ All People
Aug 18th- Houston,TX at Walter’s
Aug 19th- Austin,TX at TBA w/ Innards and Two Knights
Aug 20th- San Antonio,TX at TBA w/ Innards, Two Knights and Sohns
Aug 21st- Ft. Worth,TX at 1919 Hemphill w/ Innards and Two Knights
Aug 22nd- Kansas City,MO at Harrison House
Aug 23rd- Omaha,NE at Milk Run
Aug 24th- Minneapolis,MS at Reverie Cafe and Bar w/ VIctor Shores
Aug 25th- Milwaukee,WI at Quarter’s
Aug 26th- Chicago,IL at SubT Downstairs w/ Slow Mass
Aug 27th- South Bend,IN at The Well w/ Boy Rex
Aug 28th- Grand Rapids,MI at Madison Falcon w/ Cardboard Swords
Aug 29th- Wyandotte,MI at The Rockery
Aug 30th- Pittsburgh,PA at Black Forge Coffee House w/ Edhochuli
Aug 31st- Philadelphia,PA at The Pharmacy w/ Jank and Kississippi
Sept 1st- Akron,OH at It’s A Kling Thing
Sept 2nd- Kalamazoo,MI at Louie’s Trophy House

Preorders for End Paths are available via Skeletal Lightning, Community Records, and I.Corrupt.Records

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