Their Only Dreams, “Calculator In The Sky”

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Their Only Dreams

One-man LA band Their Only Dreams, aka David Lyudmirsky, combines math with the metaphorical in his new single, “Calculators in the Sky.” Burned out and blistering, the single punches buttons to create a glitch-y, manufactured sound with garage-style fuzz riffs. Merging with Lyudmirksy’s echoing, T.Rex-esque vocals, “Calculators in the Sky” isn’t the geek in the corner, it’s the very sound of cool – kind of jaded, sort of spaced-out, and big on mystery, all wrapped up in effortlessness that makes it both pure fun and instant brain glue. Warning: it will be stuck between your ears for hours.

“Calculators in the Sky” is one-half of Their Only Dreams’ new 7” single, out now on White Iris Records.