Themselves, Best Coast, Hush Arbors

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Slurp up the eye porridge before it gets cold.

Themselves' “Roman Is as Roman Does”

Directed by Yu Sato. On the album CrownsDown on Anticon.

Best Coast, “When I'm With You

Things bode well for Best Coast if they've only just started trickling out official releases and fan videos are already cropping up. Fan video with excerpts from Les Demoiselles de Rochefort from the 7″ out on Black Iris.

DJ /rupture and Matt Shadetek Solar Life Raft medley

Directed and animated by Sara Taigher with illustrations by Maria Chiara Di Giorgio.

Footage of legendary post-Iron Curtain Shamen punk outfit Vágtázó Halottkémek in 1992.

Hush Arbors, “Coming Home”

Off Yankee Reality, an album produced by J. Mascis for Ecstatic Peace. Shot by Alannah Ashworth and edited by Leon Dufficy and Keith Wood.

Obsidian Pond, “Sundog Sinners”

This video's a bit old, but we love this Obsidian Pond guy.