These Norton podcasts are goofy and you love them

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Even though Norton Records has always been a reissue label, they've really got me convinced I'm in some post-modern mashup of film noir hill billy suburbia, where you can go surfing, wear a a lot of grease in your hair and get knocked off by a femme fatale within a few minutes of broadcast. It takes about five minutes to get into samples from I Still Hate CD's: Norton Records 45 RPM Singles Collection Vol. 2, but the waits not so bad, and they're doing a good enough job making me think I've got nothing to Twitter and lots of time to listen to the hottest new R&B, garage, rockabilly, and soul records pressed to vinyl and acetate. The Black Lips interview is pretty funny too: “You're like the swine flu, just deadly in a good way.”

Check out the podcasts here.

Norton's also giving away two mp3's from that new singles collection:

Figures of Light, “It's Lame”

Jades, “Surfin' Crow”

P.S. Just wait for “Lucille, Are You A Lesbian?”