Tim Cohen's new solo

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tim cohen

What luck that I decided today was as good as any to revisit Two Sides of Tim Cohen, possibly pollinating the Delta breeze with coded language to Impose photographer Jenz out in the Bay Area. Hours later, she informed me of a new Cohen record on Captured Tracks.

Laugh Tracks is a natural progression in the ever-expanding Tim Cohen catalog. Two Sides is a bedroom record made between bands, before he had a slew of talented friends to bring into his secluded vision of music. Laugh Tracks is the fleshing out as solo Tim makes friends who help him feel less alienated and schizophrenic.

Here's an interesting bit of information to put on the back burner while you indulge in 11 new Tim Cohen songs. He has finished his third solo record. Tim Cohen must wake up everyday, put on pants and write songs until he requires sustenance or sleep again. He might not have time for the pants activity considering his prolific rate of output.

Laugh Tracks is out on vinyl through Captured Tracks.