Tokyo Tea Room, “Like A Drug”

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If ever there were a song that would indicate you may be in a drug-induced haze – or one that would be suitable to listen to while in such a state – Tokyo Tea Room‘s “Like A Drug” is it. And that’s not to judge it by its name in any way, shape or form. The song itself is composed of beautiful guitar chords, intrinsically vaporous vocals, and bleeding with the sentiment of a love letter, written in days past and holding on to the promise of coaxing its receiver into an everlasting love.

Known for their fuzzy guitar and unique vocals, the psych/pop-rock Kent quintet has been making their mark across the UK with their recent Key Philosophy EP release. “Like A Drug” is their latest single, and we have the premiere available for you right here.

What’s great about this song is that they are at once comparing the object of their affection to a drug, and allotting their energy to the discussion of love being a drug. But – as stated previously – you can definitely add this song to your “this played in a photo montage of my puppy love in my head while I was high with friends” playlist. Part pop, a little bit psych rock, and every bit entrancing.