Trackstar the DJ Pays Homage to DJ Shadow With New Mix

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There’s a seemingly endless reserve of talented, diffident MCs roaming the e-streets, specifically Soundcloud. One can continuously find themselves pondering how they’re just hearing about a particularly gifted producer, until they realize it’s because the artist probably didn’t care if you did.

DJ Shadow’s landmark Endtroducing project arguably opened the floodgates for thousands of those producers loitering Soundcloud with enthralling work. His ability to flip obscure samples into a standalone composition laid the blueprint for many young beatmakers, one of them being Trackstar the DJ, who first heard Endtroducing at 15.

In case you didn’t know, DJ Shadow’s 5th studio album, The Mountain Will Fall is out. In tribute to the project, Trackstar decided to channel DJ Q-Bert’s 1997 “Camel Bobsled Race” megamix and condense Shadow’s best moments into a 14-minute mix. Trackstar masterfully intersplices sounds from past Shadow projects in with the modern offerings. The mix swerves from one end of the sonic spectrum to another, first embodying a blippy, uptempo electronic soundscape before being disemboweled by a jolting, demented vocal sample—then going right back up again.

Amidst the mix are vocal clips from Shadow talking about his craft, which will no doubt enlighten more than a couple up and coming instrumentalists out there.

You can stream “‘The Mountain Will Fall’ Megamix” below.