Triptides – “Latitudes” & “Cassis”

Jeff Cubbison

L.A. psych band unleashes pair of dreamy, reflective new tracks

Up until now, all the new music we’ve been hearing was recorded prior to COVID lockdown. Now that we’re over a month in, artists are beginning to unleash new material that they recorded while under quarantine, and much of it has been startlingly fresh and forward-thinking. Today, we’re getting two dreamy new tracks from L.A. garage-psych purveyors Triptides, one of which they recorded while hunkered down in Joshua Tree during the first week of the pandemic.

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The first song “Latitudes” is a breezy synth-driven jam featuring dancey bass riffs and pensive keyboards. It’s a dazed, laid-back and meditative track that also hits searing sonic heights with its fuzzy, towering guitar solo climax. While “Latitudes” was recorded months ago, the loungey and shimmering “Cassis” was cut right at the start of the COVID madness.

“When SXSW was cancelled, it was just our first instinct to retreat and make the most out of our time together,” said Triptides frontman Glenn Brigman. “We went out to Joshua Tree, set up in a house we rented and spent three days with our heads down recording. Every time we looked up, the world was different. For the first time, we were creating music in a time when we had no idea what was becoming of our society and our world. A few days after we got back to L.A., they started announcing the lockdown.”

“Cassis” is a reflective track full of vibrant riffs and vivid lyrics, buoyed by Brigman’s soft, emotive vocal croon. According to Brigman, both tracks dance around the desire to find new beginnings in the unknown – a theme that will no doubt resonate with listeners during this unique moment in time.

“We all tread the ground between the search for comfort and the challenge to grow, and how you perceive your environment has so much to do with that balance,” Brigman shared. “We’re finding now, and what these songs express, is that even if we’ve surrounded ourselves with beauty – even on an idyllic island – that nothing is easy, nothing is final, and we must always seek to find our own path.” 

“Latitudes” and “Cassis” arrive via Greenway Records, and both are available on all streaming platforms. A split single release had been in the works, though with record production backed up, those plans are on hold. But while you’re waiting for that physical record to drop, you can give the songs a spin below on Soundcloud.

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