Turan, "Ghost"

Post Author: Andre G

UK-based singer Turan has displayed a knack for bare, raw perspectives on life, love and loss throughout his catalog. He released his beguiling “Fear” video, January, “Nothing” in February, and today he dropped “Ghost,” the third single from his upcoming Eden EP. Taking cues from the previous tracks, Ghost is a brooding, insular exploration of the toll strenuous relationships take on us all.
Over immense tribal drums and a mournful guitar, Turan imagines himself a prisoner of his own reticence. “How can you say, I never loved?” he ponders, so numb to the heartache of that he’s resolved to be a ghost. Of the song, Turan has noted that memories “linger on our shoulders” and create worlds “more real than the walls right in front of our faces.”
On the eve of the May 5th album release, Turan will have a wall of fans in his face as he performs at an “Into Eden” showcase at St. Luke’s Church in London. Tickets for the show are available here.
You can stream “Ghost” below.