Two Inch Astronaut, “Zones”

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two inch astronaut

Two Inch Astronaut is a Maryland-based monster. Whether they're working on discordant riffs or intensely complicated throwaround math-ish drums, their production quality rings of a definitive 90s-inspired atonality. The energy compacted into two minutes of straight up-and-down, back-and-forth guitar lines is impressive, and harkens back to bands like Built To Spill, Dismbemberment Plan, and Jawbox. We have no problem with the return of a previous, more sweater-filled time, especially given the technicality it takes to perform—it's not just the same old garage rock anymore. Bring back the complication with their song “Zones”.

Two Inch Astronaut's upcoming record, Bad Brother, releases on June 18 through Boston's Exploding In Sound. You can preorder that bad boy here and catch their upcoming tour dates below.

10 – Rock Room Palace, Pittsburgh, PA w/ Cbend & Shiff
11 – The Khyber in Philly, PA w/ Ugh God, Ted Nguygent
12 – O'Brien's in Boston, MA w/ Grass Is Green, Crinkle Face
13 – Fort Flesh in New Haven, CT
14 – My Place Pizza in Poughkeepsie, NY w/ Lives of the Obscure
15 – Big Snow in Brooklyn, NY w/ the Exploding In Sound roster
16 – The Candy Barrel in NJ w/ Route Canal
17 – The Nerve Center in Balitmore, MD w/ Buck Gooter, Curse
1 – The Sunshine District in Washington, D.C. w/ Rozwell Kid, Butter The Children, and Huge Pupils