Stay gold, Ty Segall

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Goodbye Bread

Whatever it was that got Ty Segall out of Orange County, god bless it a million times over. The kid belongs far from surf life and trophy wives. He belongs in SF absorbing record collections, testing out Marc Bolan riffs and one-man “Roll Over Beethoven” vocal stylings to the tune of rich modern scuzz. Goodbye Bread does not stray far from its predecessor, Melted, but to view that as a misstep is expecting too much of the 23-year-old, even if most consider him a prodigal son.

A year after its release, Melted still gets considerable spin in this household and Goodbye Bread will function as a companion piece, to stretch out the Segall session to a little over an hour. Throw on his T. Rex covers record Ty Rex for some variety and let the kid grow at his own pace, knowing he's got the proper influence in the record stacks and peers on the hometown bills. He's still four years off from his late twenties, a fine era to make a King Crimson record or Kinks concept record. For now, I'm fine with Ty shredding out the sun-fried blues of his youth.

Goodbye Bread is out now on Drag City.