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Washington D.C. dudes Ryan, John, Thomas and Will of Typefighter gave us an early listen to their new song, “Much”. This is an exclusive that promotes an attitude of inclusiveness, on a track that wants it all as much as it wants to give it's all. A song whose guitars whose beg further conversation, Typefighter recognize the potential and beneficial sharing between folks who have “so much to give”. The emphasis is placed on exchanging meaningful expression back and forth, in the dialogical push of, “let's keep on talking, keep on talking to each other.”

Typefighter brings more than just an icebreaker, but a statement that smashes the bottled up solitudes in favor of spilling some wine and sharing some time. This is a song for those who have so much to say but find themselves tethered to their mobile smartphones when a great conversation awaits or shared moment exists right in front and ahead of one's nose. Let the guitars and earnest appeal reach out to you, as you put away your freshly updated device safely away in your pocket, as Typefighter shows you how good it can be with, “This is how it's done, this is how it's done around here”

Ryan McLaughlin from Typefighter chatted with us, providing 'much' detail about their new single, “Much”, along with the upcoming record.

Tell us about recording the passion of “Much”, it brings so many epic components to the table.

'Much' almost didn't make the record. Ryan and Thomas threw together a sketch of the song one night after practice right before we headed up to Vermont to make the record, but it wasn't ready for prime time so it sat on the shelf. When we got back home, instead of focusing on finishing the record we had already tracked, we started writing songs for the next record. Good thing, because once we revisited this one as a band the song wrote itself, and it was immediately clear to all of us that it couldn't wait for the next record. We threw up some mics and just went for it. What you hear is a moment captured live, with hardly any overdubs, no click track and lots of 'hell-yeahs'!

What do you all dig about DC these days?

D.C. is a much different place than it was a decade or two ago. As the city has boomed, a vibrant new generation of great bands has sprung up – Deleted Scenes, Priests and Laughing Man to name a few – pulling from a wide range of influences. At the same time, lots of cool new DIY spaces and clubs are thriving, giving us plenty of great places to play. Through it all, the music scene has maintained a strong sense of community and we're happy to be a part of it.

What do you don't dig about D.C. these days?

It's easy to get caught up in things that aren't so great, but we'd rather not add to that! D.C. is a town with a storied musical past and a bright future ahead of it.

Give us the inside scoop on the upcoming full-length. What should we be expecting?

You shouldn't expect to hear anything on this record you've already heard from Typefighter to this point other than catchy melodies. It's louder and rawer. Who wants to make the same record twice? We're incredibly proud of the results and super stoked to share it with everyone!

Get Typfighter's new single “Much” via their website.

Catch them at the upcoming dates:

10 – Washington DC at DC9 single release party with Golden Looks and Johnny Fantastic
08 – Brooklyn, NY Grand Victory, 245 Grand St. with Sunset Guns, Heeney, and Black Mountain Revival