Ulises Conti, “U”, “X”

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Ulises Conti

Recording 27 compositions named after the alphabetical letters “A” through “Z”, Buenos Aires musician Ulises Conti presents a new album for the good folks at Flau. The ambition of musically illustrating fantasias for piano only begin to describe Conti's album titled, Los Griegos creían que las estrellas eran pequeños agujeros por donde los dioses escuchaban a los hombres, translated in English as, The Greeks Believed That The Stars Were Small Holes Where The Gods Listened To Men.

Ulises' ability to find particular pitches and tones between the piano keys opens up volumes of possibilities. On “U”, the piano decay recites its melody through the gear turning pop and hiss from a distorted field sound take. The notes punch through in scales that pass and fade like salty sea air brought from the far oceanic reaches by inland floating clouds. Conti takes the most subtle nuances of how you understand the resonating notes, altering their ambient properties and tonal form. And while the twisting effects of the keys catch your fancy, an atmosphere of captured winds swirls on the tape like the scrambled coded whispers of ghosts traveling in the night.