U.S. Girls shows love to the playas

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U.S. Girls

In this week's edition of the Friday Night mixtape series, Meghan Remy of U.S. Girls shows love to the players on her latest record. The mix is comprised entirely of musicians like Onakabazien, Slim Twig, and ZACHT AUTOMAAT, shedding light on their projects that they graciously neglected to help her in her pursuits to finalize GEM.

U.S. Girls presents “Gem Playas” (streaming in our player below)

Obviously your reaction should be, “that Meghan is a real peach and true class act”. She is, by the way. She's got fine taste in collaborators. We are not afraid to admit we've not heard a single project on her mix, but we are now fans of every one of them. We are considering Chocolate Chips' “Feel for the Industry” as a graduation song for interns, in which we make them sing it with their head out of the office window, we're completely smitten with calling Onakabazien's “The Price Is Right II” a newly dubbed genre entitled “tweetorik” and “Pale Trash” already popped in our heads a few times when we just saw a crust punk that rubbed us wrong.

01 Onakabazien, “No. #1” (from That Young Shit: Needle & The Damage Done)
02 Onakabazien, “Early Morning Reflections 3” (from Power of the Dollar)
03 Slim Twig, “Mary Jane” (from 4 way “STATEMENT” split)
04 Slim Twig, “Labeija Pen'davis” (from Sof' Sike)
05 Chocolate Chips, “Feel For The Industry” (from Cancel My Appointments)
06 Tropics, “Pale Trash” (from Pale Trash Single)
07 Onakabazien, “The Price Is Right II” (from That Young Shit: Needle & The Damage Done)
08 ZACHT AUTOMAAT, “Untitled” (from Bags Inside Bags)
09 ZACHT AUTOMAAT, “Untitled” (from Bags Inside Bags)
10 Tim Westberg, “Scope Creep demo” (Unreleased Demo)
11ZACHT AUTOMAAT, “Untitled” (from Bags Inside Bags)
12 Slim Twig, “Clerical Collar” (from A Hound At The Hem)
13 Onakabazien,Stuck In Church (Unreleased Demo)
14 My Mind, “A New Man, My Life Coach, He Shine” (from Path Masher)
15 Onakabazien, “Abandoned Luncheonette” (from Power of the Dollar)

U.S. Girls' GEM is out October 23 on Fat Cat.