Greenlandic artist levels up on captivating, boundary-pushing new album

VARNA GL‘s latest album, PILARNGAR, is a mesmerizing journey into the heart of Greenlandic culture and a testament to the power of music to bridge worlds. With nine tracks that include previously acclaimed singles like “IDDORARPI” and “QAARDULU,” this album is a tapestry of sonic innovation.

Sung entirely in Greenlandic, VARNA GL’s vocals are a hauntingly beautiful force, evoking emotions that transcend language. The album seamlessly weaves electronic experimental sounds with tribal rhythms, creating a cinematic experience that’s both deeply spiritual and modern. Tracks like “INUK,” “PILARNGAR,” and “QILAAT” showcase tribal beats infused with subtle hip-hop influences, while “QAARDULU” enchants with ethereal bird-like calls.

“QUQQAQ” introduces a surprise element with a saxophone, infusing a jazzy twist into the mix and demonstrating VARNA GL’s willingness to experiment with different sounds. Throughout the album, she skillfully uses sound effects to create tension and captivate the listener.

Beyond the music, VARNA GL’s album is a cultural renaissance and a celebration of Greenlandic Inuit tradition. Her message about reconnecting with ancient ways and trusting in their power is profound. “CELEBRATION,” the album’s closing track, hints at optimism and unity, leaving the listener with a sense of hope.

In “PILARNGAR,” VARNA GL has created more than just an album; she’s crafted a transcendent experience that invites us to connect with our roots and embrace the power of music as a means of healing and revival. This is an album that will resonate with both your ears and your soul.

Give it a spin below: