Varna GL – “QAARDULU (raven)”

Greenlandic electronica artist stuns with dark, grungy new single off upcoming album

VARNA GL releases her second track, “QAARDULU (raven)”, that is set to be in her upcoming album later this year. This unique piece, produced by neonme, begins with calls that resemble birds calling out in a rhythmic manner. These cries echo in a way that gives us a sense of danger, a disturbing plea for help or warning. This dark and grungy track continues with a growling bassline and big drums like an army marching, preparing for war.

VARNA GL, who features Greenlandic lyrics in each of her tracks, excels in drums, dance and performance art. Deeply rooted in her ancestral heritage, her distinct sound world is inspired by the traditional East Greenlandic drum dance, passed down to her from elders. She tells a unique Inuit story in this track, of imperialism as natives of Greenland have long experienced thwarting of their own culture based on assimilation of Danish ideals and an external colonial view. VARNA GL describes her track as, “connecting playfully with my spirit helper.”

She shared:

“A majority of Inuit in Greenland have temporarily lost connection to our ancient tradition as lived practice. A consequence of extreme ‘development’ based on non-Inuit cultural values and way of life has left people to prioritize different ways in order to survive. This system was never built for us, we are sucking the energy out of ourselves trying to constantly translate for someone else. We need to look within as a people, listen to ourselves and trust that we can reconnect and revive in all aspects. We need to stand together, to set a new course that we believe in. Personally I know, the drum is one way for connection and healing.”

We are a resilient people, and I truly believe reviving our ancient ways in a fluid and engaged way has strong potential to attune us to our bodies, mind and each other as a part of nature and spiritual beings. We can let go and rebuild and choose to consciously nourish the practices and energy that moves us forward”

The project to come is inspired by her feelings around living an artist’s life in a global context (in Reykjavik, Paris, etc.) away from Greenland and the nature she is so deeply connected with. She expresses as an Inuit and a citizen of the modern world but feeling alien at the same time.

You can give “QAARDULU” a spin below: