Video: Moss of Aura, “Bling”

moss of aura

It's been awhile since a video's made me feel as if I were reliving the music myself, but Abe Sanders (formerly of Lower Dens) has accomplished this with his new short for Moss of Aura's “Bling.” Jheri Evans, a native to North Carolina where the film was shot and Welmers grew up, unveiled this one via Decoder Magazine last week.

Experiences with Moss of Aura's music can instill a variety of emotions and reactions. It is the ones we can not control that makes his music so rewarding. One minute we could lay baking in the sun with sand crunching between our toes, while the next we could be swept off into a frenzy of joy powered by nature's will and our deepest inhibitions.

“Bling” is off of Moss of Aura's Wading LP, which Evans describes as:

Eleven tracks of dizzying ambiance indicative of the album's title, poured forth from a variety of woozy synthesizers, booming drum pads and neck-breaking snaps that tickle the soul and tug at the heart.

Grip the LP with five postcards or the cassette from Friends.