Video: White Life, “Time is Wasting”

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White Life

White Life is the brainchild of Jon Ehrens, best known for the twisted and quirky pop music of The Art Department. This new project features help from Emily Ehrens (his sister), Jenn Wasner, Andrew Bernstein, Dave Fell, Mark Brown, and Grayson Brown. The debut LP is out now on Ehse Records, and is a must for late summer dance parties and car ride singalongs.

Check out the short directed by Dakota Solt for White Life's “Time is Wasting” below.

A few things we've learned from this video – getting stoned and dancing around in your room to White Life is White Life-approved, the 90s are still very much alive, and Jon Ehrens is terrible at tennis. It's a good thing he can sing and write some pretty serious pop songs.

Get White Life on vinyl, CD, or digitally from Ehse Records.