Walking Bicycles, “Badada”

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Walking Bicycles

In their greenhorn days, Walking Bicycles took their coffee black for their caffienated take on post-punk, which is a metaphorical way of alluding to the Chicago band's style angling towards the punk in post-punk. Walking Bicycles could get caught up in that discussion of post- vs art- in the expansion of punk. Often tempermental and circuitous, Walking Bicycles got that Siouxsie stamp due to Jocelyn Summers' chic-rasp, but on the upcoming So 7″ it's understood those days of hypertension are fewer felt, replaced by traditional tension collecting inertia.

On “Badada”, the b-side of the 7″, Walking Bicycles are conditioning the impulses into a brooding texture, a little reminiscent of Pretty Girls Make Graves after a month without a glimpse of sunshine, deficient of Vitamin D and fed up (see also: a Midwest Rust Belt version) . Twice Summers taunts the opportunity to blow the sucker wide open with yippy repititions of “I want it, I want it”, but this is a version of Walking Bicycles that sticks to one cup of coffee a day, no longer the 50 cups and it's on band. “Badada” is the ultimate fakeout. Just as Summers declares “we're on the verge of something”, her bandmates trail off and the needle makes a b-line to the smooth grooveless center. The a-side starts the conversation with “So”, while the b-side darts a conclusion, leaving the needle to trail off in ellpises.

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