Weekends are here to play the shows Ponytail cannot

Jeremy Krinsley

weekends baltimore band

Weekends. Photo by "RahRah".

It's been a minute since Ponytail has raged through American DIY's collective, flabbergasted consciousness. They've been busy recording an album, and getting asked to play very big shows.

We know we haven't been alone peering into the deep black hole during this absence, wondering who will play basements from Silent Barn to Rhinoceropolis and all stops before and after, as P-tail grabs their rightful set time at the Matt Groening-curated All Tomorrow's Parties in England.

While our great next hope have been going for nearly as long as Ponytail, certainly on their own tact, with their own kind of duo-swagger, let us introduce you to some Baltimore hole-fillers.

Weekends (not to be confused with San Francisco's Weekend) manage to combine the playful guitar trills and arena-sized reverb with righteous dude-singing that, while shouted in actual English, and bearing no dolphin-like whoops, calls, or complete Dolphin phrases, definitely bears the weight of this high-octane jammy, noisy rock with great dignity.

Here's to getting sweaty at shows, summer 2010.

Weekends, “Raingirls” (Edit)

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