White Rainbow remixes Algodón Egipcio

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Algodón Egipcio

Venezeula's Ezequiel Bertho, internationally known on the microphone as Algodón Egipcio, gave his La Lucha Constante record to a remix agents across the globe to tinker with as part of a concept remix album entitled, Los Remixes de La Lucha Constante. For laymen (and laywomen) and the monolingual, that translates to “the remixes of La Lucha Constante“.

With remixes from Russia (St. Petersburg), Norway, Ireland (Waterford), Chile, and Spain in circulation, we are debuting the U.S. remix from Portland's White Rainbow. You may proceed with jingoist chants and wave that red, white, and blue as you press play in our player below or download here:

Algodón Egipcio, “El Sonido Ensordecedor” (White Rainbow 1998 Ford Explorer Interior Remix)

White Rainbow, government name Adam Forkner, gave “El Sonido Ensordecedor” the American custom, purely American made on American soil with the extended title of “1998 Ford Explorer Interior Remix”. Built Ford tough, White Rainbow's remix is an ambient piece that is well-deserving of a placement in a car commercial, but rests comfortably in your bedroom or in a field during an afternoon head trip.

Los Remixes de La Lucha Constante is out October 23 on Lefse.