Who Can Sleep, First Date

Meredith Schneider

Los Angeles indie pop rock duo Who Can Sleep – comprised of Dean Vivirito and Lexie Helgerson – is releasing their new EP, a four track work titled First Date, next week. But we have your exclusive first listen right here, where you can sway your hips to mid tempo, catchy track “Falling Down” while cooking dinner, or letting the hot air from your car’s air conditioning move through your hair like fingertips while you enjoy a nice long drive.

The second track, “Salt and Honey”, is much more seductive in its presentation. Slower,with a more twinkling, bold, crisp sound. Then there’s “Jean Seberg”, a slow track with almost no vocals to lead a narrative. You rely on the instrumentals for emotion, and they provide all of the feels that you need. “First Date” rounds it all out with a more mysterious sound overall, beginning with the statement, “You’ve gotta help me find that drug” to set the premise of love being said drug.

The entire EP – instrumentals and vocals combined – mirrors the idea of a progression in a first date as indicated by the title.

January 21st // Los Angeles, CA // Art Share LA

First Date is out January 20th. Keep up with the duo here.

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