William Cody Watson has a Bill Murray fetish

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William Cody Watson an ode to bill murray

William Cody Watson, he of on-again-off-again Impose contributorship, has been steady creating ambient waves for as long as we've known him. For those more on the intimate side of his friendship, ie – if you're his Facebook friend, you'll also know he has an afinity for Bill Murray and Helmet. While we're still waiting for the ode to Helmet (hey William, remember when Drew Barrymore was in the video for “Gigantor”?), his “An Ode to Bill Murray” comes just in time for the first day of Summer. Very apropos considering the sun-drenched vintage Murray footage Joe Volmer (Party Trash, Clearing, Virgin Spirit) put together for the accompanying video.

You can download the track here, or watch the video below. Watson promises much more music on the horizon, a horizon which includes Bill Murray.