Willie Green, Red & Green

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Red & Green

When an artist's pockets are slim, the holidays are a challenge of their creative energy to weld gifts from their own grit and a properly budgeted trip to crafts store.

Willie Green was once a broke college student making beat tapes in his dorm room instead of cramming for his finals. In homage to the Christmas albums he once made in his dorm to give to family members, Willie Green put Red & Green up for free download, but we do not suggest re-gifting Green's record. It's a fast track to the Naughty List and with only two days left that's no way to go out. Red & Green is a 6-track 17 minute beat tape, to which Green said, “My budget is a little better now, but the concept is the same.”

Download Red & Green here.

Willie Green, “The Christmas Waltz”