Wise Blood gets physical

Blake Gillespie

Wise Blood

Wise Blood's digital debut + resonated somewhere between the frozen boom bap of The Cold Vein and the prelude to the next Newton v. Diamond and Others Supreme Court case. We loved it, but expected Wise Blood to meander in obscurity due to its middle-finger-to-the-law sampling mentality.

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Transparent Records could give a fug less. It is giving Pittsburgh-based Christopher Laufman, a.k.a. Wise Blood, his very first 7″. “Solo ('4' Claire)” thuds as though it's Wise Blood's modern vision of the avant-blues associated with Velvet's epic “Sister Ray”. Complimenting the sound is the debauched chorus “girl, I wanna meet ya / tie you up and beat ya, tonight.” With the opening lyrics pertaining to sneaking out the backdoor, it's as though “Solo ('4' Claire)” is told from the perspective of one of the sailors at the orgy in “Sister Ray” that escaped the long arm of the law. Still, whacked out on trannies and intravenous drugs, he needs to up the ante by satisfying an ultra-violent craving for masochism.

The “Solo ('4' Claire) 7” is out in November on Transparent Records.

Wise Blood, “Solo ('4' Claire)”

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