Wise Blood, “Rat”

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Chris Laufman aka Wise Blood

Have you ever listened to a track that had the ability to make you feel two completely juxtaposing emotions at the same time? After listening to “Rat”, the first track to come from electronic noise-rock band Wise Blood’s debut LP, I’m not sure whether I want to give an uplifting speech on the power of humanity or punch a kitten in the face. I also can’t help but imagine this is what MGMT circa 2009 would sound like if they went cold turkey on the Prozac, took a wrong turn on the way to Coachella one year and ended up living in a squat in communist Russia. A squat with a studio that is, and a trumpet player… and the equipment to produce some serious beats. It’s difficult to categorize the ever-changing Chris Laufman (aka Wise Blood) but whatever sub-genre he’s falling into and whatever he’s doing; he’s doing it right.

Check out “Rat” here:

Wise Blood's id LP is out June 25 on Dovecote.