Killer Mike & El-P are Run The Jewels

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Run The Jewels

Anytime I hear the word, jewels, I think of something shiny or private parts. Well thats all about to change(for me anyway) as Killer Mike and El-P are about to set sail as a officiail duo, Run the Jewels.

Killer Mike and El-P are equally two of the biggest names in hip-hop that while staying relevant, continue to follow the beat of their own drummer(s). Killer Mike worked with El-P on his lastest album,R.A.P Music, which EL-P produced. Then El-p, got Mike, to do some guest verses on 2012's, Cancer for Cure. The highly anctipated duo released a new clip, “Banana Clipper”, which may or may not be a joke take on much of todays, modern rap. The track is a violent yet delicate number which is only a snippet, but brings the potential out, for this to be a collaborative banger. Lines like, “Bring yo throat, I got stools and a rope,” have won us over. No release date has been set but more details will be emerging.