Coyote Clean Up releases “2 Hot 2 Wait”

Maya Rose Radcliffe

Coyote Clean Up/Ice Cold Chrissy

Photo by Matthew Peter Iannuzzi

Coyote Clean Up, better known as DJ, artist, producer and house music mogul Ice Cold Chrissy, premiered the first single “AWESOME LUV” from his soon to be released album 2 Hot 2 Wait. Straight from the heart of house music (Detroit), this track combines warm dream-like vocals with some dancey electronic bass, and makes for the perfect concoction.The vibe of the single is relative to 3 a.m in a back alley bar after realizing you've got more cigarette burns than hairs on your legs and the drunken permanent wink and intense lock-jaw of Popeye. Having said that, the ambience of this beat could take you anywhere, hence why the artist himself describes the mood of this track as being everything from:

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Blistering heat on a sun bleached beach and ice cold pitch black nights in a frozen city. Lonely bedroom dreaming and muggy packed dance floors. Pedal to the metal on the interstate and back road riding dirty. Head in future clouds and heart in the nostalgic past. Heart sinking shoegazed melodies and throbbing rumbled smacks blurred together in anxious actions.

Sounds intense.
Regardless of which alias he’s going by, it’ll be a name to look out for. 2 Hot 2 Wait is out April 30 on 100% Silk, and you know you’re gonna want to dance to it.

Check it out here:

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