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vhs or beta, feel it when you know single

This Friday Night we have two exclusive remixes of VHS or Beta's “Feel It When You Know” single by L.A. Riots and Jesse Jamz.

VHS or Beta refuse to settle on a format. First it was the basement recordings released on actual VHS tape for its Kentucky friends; followed by an instrumental disco EP; followed by a dancey debut with rockist anthems. The chameleon crew have switched skins once again, this time as producers. The group put down its guitars to curate dance singles for the single “Feel It When You Know.”

VHS or Beta were kind enough to pass along two remixes of the single. The first is a glamorous house hand-clapper by L.A. Riots, while the Jesse Jamz remix tilts towards the electro raver approach to dance.

VHS or Beta are releasing the “Feel It When You Know” singles on its Chromosome label.

VHS or Beta, “Feel It” (L.A. Riots Remix)

VHS or Beta, “Feel It When You Know” (Jesse Jamz Remix)