Woodsist tracks remixed as instrumental hip hop

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Al Lover woodsist remixed

Here are some spacey, crunchily chopped up Woodsist label songs thrown through a MPC 2000XL, effects pedals and a Tascam 4-track for messy instrumental hip hop slivers of songs by the likes of Kurt Vile and Woods.

The California-based remixer, Al Lover, explains that the project is “lots of fuzz and delay, grimy stuff,” and furthermore that it's completely unlicensed and unrelated to the Woodsist folks. There are some real gems in here, and some real rough edges, which is part of what makes it fun to listen to, as a process that's taking pretty limited edit tracks and throwing them together into something kind of spooky and beat-driven.

Definitely don't throw it on at the crux of your dance DJ set with plans to explode the roof of a room of revelers but definitely wrap some headphones around your head and give some of these a walk through the park.

Al Lover, “Woodsist Remixed”

More of Al Lover's work at his Soundcloud page.