Wooter, "Steps"

Post Author: Joseph Anthony Evans

As hectic as the holiday season may be, Wooter keeps us composed with his illustrious Sunday ditties. It doesn’t matter what the weather looks like,”Steps” is a track for any type of day you may be having. The man behind it all is Rowan Brind, and every Sunday in 2017  he will release a new song that’s part of a 6 album project.
Brind talks about “Steps”,

“This ones about living in the present while hosting the past and future in the same moment”


Everybody can appreciate the realism that Wooter incorporates into his music, not only can people relate, but the type is highly respectable. Each Sunday, we all get to experience the talent he presents to the world, and his releases just keep getting better. As “Steps” gives us that musical addiction, it will surely become a tune that will be set on repeat.