Yellow Fang, “Unreal”

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yello fang

From my little corner of the world, fall is imminent. A damp threat in the air; a tangible reluctance on the fresh faces of pupils trudging to the heavy doors of the school across the street and a weariness on the faces of real adults who, unlike me, have real places to rush to in the mornings.

There's also the excitement of change, and the promise of a new start, even as we sigh the demise of a carefree summer.

Cue Bangkok's lady trio Yellow Fang, who set the reverb to shimmer and melt pretty girl harmonies all over a guitar, bass, drums pop confection. It's a wistful postcard from a place somewhere near 90s Brits like Echobelly, or Elastica, but with less sneering.

The band couldn't be reached for lyrical translation, but “Unreal” is a fitting way to describe nostalgia for things not yet dusty, and a hesitation about what is on its way.