YG Tut ft. Isiah Rashad, "Trill Dreams"

Post Author: Andre G

YG Tut caught a wave with 2015’s breakout Preacher’s Son album. He looked poised to become a well-known artist at least on par with then-brother-in-rhyme Isiah Rashad – then he kind of disappeared. He’s sporadically dropped songs in the past three years, but fans have been clamoring for his next project. While we wait, Tut fed fans a blast from the past with his “Trill Dreams” collaboration with Rashad.
The song was recorded in 2011 when the two were students at Middle Tennessee State University – and members of The House music collective. The two ride a groovy, bass-heavy soundscape and rhyme about how they’re “married to the game, you can call it ‘Love & Hip-Hop.’” TUT started off the track reflecting on his stresses and praying that his “later days will be sunny cause all I’m seein’ is rain.”
Rashad follows up with an impassioned, rapid-fire verse where his mastery of flow is evident. “It’s the mind of a n*gga on the edge of the bed with a tool on his side and the head full of lead,” he rhymes. The guitar play on the track takes you back to the classic sound of the south when artists like UGK and Scarface laced bluesy tracks with introspection and game-spitting. Both TUT and Rashad are sonic progeny of that legacy, and both are capable of carrying it on – if they want to.
You can stream “Trill Dreams” below.