YLY Releases Catchy Pop Track “Never Saw It Coming”

Electronic producer YLY has released his latest dance-pop track “Never Saw It Coming” on “Above the Surface” as part of their “Sounds From Above Vol. 1” album. The song, which features the smooth pop vocals of ARION HAZE, began in an unusual place.

YLY, whose real name is Tom Woodhour, says that the inspiration for “Never Saw It Coming” came during a long flight from the United States to the United Kingdom. Terrified of flying, he wrote calming chords on his computer to pass the time. Out of his anxious ramblings however, came the beginnings of “Never Saw It Coming.” Later, when he arrived in the UK, he wrote and recorded the song’s vocals with ARION HAZE.

After putting the finishing touches on the track, Woodhour had something that was uniquely his style:

“Where I live it’s very hard to introduce electronic music because there is no scene here, so the new style I am developing included real drums and groovy fills, and patterns that people might hear in a rock / pop song.” – YLY

In the future, YLY plans to continue developing his sound with new releases that merge electronic music with other genres like pop and hip hop.

Check out YLY’s latest release, “Never Saw It Coming”, bellow: