Yom San, “I'm A Grown Up, For Real”

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Yom San

Yom San is the solo electronic project of Little Spoon's Cam Potter. As Yom San, he screwsTop 40 jams and XM Radio heavy-hitters spanning XMU, Shade 45, and The Groove stations to a molasses drip, and builds mash-ups to create a sound that's undeniablly post-Girl Talk colliding with post-vaporwave, if we are in fact in a post-vaporwave era.

The Playa Piano cassette is a logical progression of our modern mixtape fetishism, DJ Screw worship, and softening of battle lines between mainstream and indie. Yom San chops Cam'ron's “Hey Ma”, looping and freaking the piano sample to Yeah Yeah Yeah's “Maps” like Greg Gillis with a codiene addiction. On “I'm A Grown Up, For Real”, he meshes Jay-Z's “Dirt Off Your Shoulder” with Blondie's “Heart of Glass” and it could feel like this has been done before, but Yom San's low rpm-mentality infuses the mash-up with just enough new car smell to take it for a test run. It feels safe to say, Playa Piano is the end game. It was the last move to be made in the culture of mash-up and in post-DJ Screw stylistic biting. It's finally over, people. (At least, until Greg Gillis is forced into retirement by Coachella and promised a yearly stipend on the condition he headline in 2024.)

Yom San's Playa Piano cassette is out now on Crash Symbols.