Young Widows, “Kerosene Girl”

Sam Benanti

Young Widows

Louisville’s Young Widows deliver a loving punch to the face this week with “Kerosene Girl”, the lead single from their forthcoming LP Easy Pain.


Many of the band’s best songs explore the dotted line between pain and pleasure, built around a groovy noise-rock spine that reflects the sexiness inherent in violence. “Kerosene Girl” fits that mold quite well, and serves as a welcome reappraisal of Young Widows’ aggressive roots, which were dialed back significantly on 2011’s In And Out Of Youth And Lightness.

Frontman Evan Patterson is in rare form, his lurching, self-destructive swagger counterbalanced by the gut-punching rhythm section. And if you thought this thing was heavy as shit at the ten-second mark (it is), then prepare to cower in fear as Patterson’s ferocious wall of guitars bite and claw their way into the mix during the song’s explosive finale.

Easy Pain is out May 13 via Temporary Residence LTD.

Young Widows first debuted the album by performing it in full at a couple shows last month. Check out some excellent video footage of one such set below:

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