Say hello to Your Old Droog with “Nutty Bars”

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Your Old Droog

When it comes to the hot new shit on rap blogs, the dopeness of the music often takes precedent over offering the reader biographical information on the artist. This is a good and bad situation. When it comes to Your Old Droog's new cut “Nutty Bars”, it's confirmed rap blogosphere wide that he is in fact skilled. Beyond that, all that's left to be shared is: 24 years old. Coney Island resident. Fan of A Clockwork Orange (assumed).

Produced by EL RNTC, “Nutty Bars” is 64 uninterrupted bars delivered over a chilly tone and swishy percussion. Y.O.D. embodies the pattern of speech we've come to expect from mercenary mixtape rappers that once delivered one-off, jaw-dropping performances on Funkmaster Flex and DJ Clue mixtapes. It's not breaking the mold, to a degree he steps into a cast, but honestly if you still don't have room in your life for clever bars like “these Internet thugs ain't doing a thing / got caught with Google Chrome / now they in the Bing”, then why are you still listening to hip hop?