Youthxx Forges new Territory on “New Frontier”

After making moves internationally with the sunny indie and electro-pop duo Golden Coast, Steven Mudd continues to share his overflowing talent in his solo foray as youthxx. Taking all he’d learnt from his time in the duo and his time writing and producing for other artists, the bar was set very high with his enormous debut Fire towards the end of last year. That bar is met in 2019 by the equally as electric New Frontier, which carries all the hallmarks of his trademark stadium-sized sound carved in Fire while giving us a taste of something new.

“I wrote this song as a kind of anthem to my generation. There are a lot of opinions circling out there about millennials, but we’re not going anywhere and we’re the future. This song is my personal rally cry to wake up, get up and change something”

New Frontier is an indie pop powerhouse, have a listen below.