Yppah, “Live Slow, Die Whenever Mix”

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There’s certainly the possibility that if 50 Cent had Yppah’s mentality of “live slow, die whenever” he might not have declared bankruptcy. The same can be said for 80s heavy metal band Wolfsbane. The Live Fast, Die Fast mantra didn’t get them past 1990. The “Live Slow, Die Whenever Mix” by electronic artist Yppah is in no hurry to expire as it leisurely navigates the emotive global sound labs.

Now signed to Counter Records, Yppah is celebrating the release of Tiny Pause via his Friday Night mix. Both the mix and the record encompass the IDM affectations that rouse neural responses. It is transformative headphone music that does not pummel even in its most breakbeat of crescendos. Yppah’s forte for post-rock melancholia is as strong as ever on Tiny Pause and the “Live Slow, Die Whenever Mix” in title alone suggests despondent kinship.

Yppah’s Tiny Pause is out now on Counter Records.

“Live Slow, Die Whenever Mix” tracklisting:
01 Southern Death Cult, “Apache”
02 High Desert, “Disappeared” (Yppah Remix)
03 Plaid, “Wallet”
04 Yppah, “Occasional Magic” (Ulrich Schnauss Remix)
05 Yppah, “Separate Ways Forever” (sXriptures Remix)
08 Soviet Soviet, “Ecstacy” (Yppah Remix)
07 Wand, “Send/Receive” (Mind)
08 Anika, “Yang Yang”
09 Little People, “Csay Csay”
10 Son of the Morning, “Movement in Mercury”
11 Eleven Pond, “Watching Trees”