Jaala, “Salt Shaker”

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Melbourne’s experimental art-punk quartet Jaala are loose-jointed, the range of motion in their music unexpected. “Salt Shaker” is the second single from their LP Hard Hold, forthcoming on Wondercore Island. Much like Life Without Buildings’ with whom Jaala share a unique and peculiar lope and affect, the track takes an unexpected route, clambering over and under blues structure to get where it’s going. “They’ll all forgive me when they’re dead,” singer and nimble lead guitarist Cosima Jaala repeats; her no-wave chanteuse vocal style is unique and mesmerizing. “Salt Shaker’s” refrain sticks in the craw, and though the song structure is constantly collapsing and reforming, there is something incredibly comforting and beautiful in its lack of rigidity.

Jaala’s Hard Hold is out in November on Wondercore Island.