Z-Man, Show Up, Shut Up and Rap

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Former Hieroglyphic artist, now down with One Block Radius, Z-Man returns with Show Up, Shut Up and Rap.

Z-Man first graced the scene with Dope Or Dog Food in '04, proving he was a character worth following with songs like “White Girls With Ass” and “Come Gurp With Me.” Z-Man has not lost a step with Show Up, Shut Up and Rap. The production is shared by Bay Area rap technicians BOAC and DNAEBEATS, both of which craft eccentric breaks for Z-Man to trip out with zany stories. Of course, the EP features several references to “gurp,” which is slang for gettin' faded, so don't feel like a square when you pump this at the party and all your non-San Franciscan friends are baffled at the slang. Now you know and knowing is half the battle. The other half is keeping up with the plethora of uses for gurp.

Show Up, Shut Up and Rap is available for free download.

Z-Man, “Going Hard”

Z-Man, “This Has Gotta Be Love”