Zaiy – Zaiy’s Intro

Fast-rising Nigerian artist delivers exhilarating debut EP

Today, the rising Nigerian musician Zaiy unveils his promising debut EP Zaiy’s Intro, an oeuvre of three tracks of R&B and hip-hop fusion full of heart, talent, charm and self-assertion. The album opens on “Pull Up,” a riveting track showcasing his storytelling abilities. Following track “I See You” features dreamy basslines, sax and synths, combining the sounds inspired by his Nigerian roots with fresh futuristic beats. Through it all, his vocal talent is majestic, pointing to a very bright future for the up-and-coming singer-songwriter.

“The interesting thing is that the songs on this EP were not even planned, it was all just vibes,” Zayi explained. “‘Pull Up’ came from a discussion with my friend and for ‘I See You,’ I was at Skibii’s crib and a producer was making a beat and I just started vibing. I feel like I am at this point where I’m all about taking big steps, and I just want people to know who Zaiy is and where he is coming from. And honestly, if we didn’t drop these songs now, we might end up not dropping them.”

“I don’t see any competition because I have come to understand how it works and I have also learned a lot from the generation before,” Zayi says of his artistic approach. “Now, I feel it is a responsibility that has been placed on me, and in the next five years, the OGs would even be surprised how far we’d have taken Afrobeats. It is the assignment I have given myself.” 

And it’s an assignment he looks to fulfill. You can download Zaiy’s Intro HERE and give it a spin below: