A benefit for the family of Eric Garner at Palisades

Liz Pelly

Eric Ganrer benefit at Palisades

Flyer by Jansen Cümbie.

It’s been two weeks since the Staten Island grand jury decided not to indict Daniel Pantaleo, the NYPD officer who killed Eric Garner in July. Rallies, protests, and fundraisers are continuing to be held around the world in solidarity with the family of Garner. In New York, activists are continuing to organize die-insoccupationsstrikes. This Saturday, Washington Square Park will continue to serve as a focal point for NYC solidarity efforts, with a rally and reading for Eric Garner and Mike Brown organized by Say Something NYC.

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On December 30, various NYC-based experimental, noise, and punk artists are holding a fundraiser as well at Palisades. The line-up includes Drew McDowall (of Psychic TV), Appetite (a newer project by Jane Chardiet), Nick Klein & Shredded Nerve, Miguel Alvarino, Saran Man, Negation, Pure Matrix, Poi, Bookworms, and Young Male, plus DJ sets by Margaret Chardiet (a/k/a Pharmakon), Analog Soul, and Half Life (Against Nature).  More information is here.

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