Azealia Banks & Lunice, “Runnin'”

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Azaelia Banks

It's hard to take anyone seriously when they let their boobs out while Gaga-ing a “Good Morning America” appearance but I'm always searching for women who can actually rap, and Nicki Minaj is one. Here's another one, and also a New York-native to boot (Harlem instead of Jamaica, Queens). Azaelia Jones is, like Minaj, a graduate of La Guardia High School for the Performing Arts, but she never dips into what has become one of Minaj's trademarks: silly voices. Instead, on “Runnin'”, which is rapped in double-time to set a frantic-tone, dirty verses run out of her mouth like she's dribbling peanut butter – salty, smooth, and sometimes a little chunky. The beat below is a little unremarkable but catchy. The real reason to pay attention is Azaelia.

Azealia Banks & Lunice, “Runnin'”.