Back to the Future the Ride is over

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Back to the Future the Ride, <i>Gay Wish</i>

Many fun puns were had with Back to the Future the Ride, the solo project of Brian Miller, (he of Foot Village and Deathbomb Arc), especially when he did a west coast tour with Universal Studios Florida. Alas, it shall be no more. Miller is officially resigning the moniker after the release of one final tape, called Gay Wish (which he extends to all of you), out now on Bum Tapes.

In Miller's own eloquent words:

So, for me, it has been a long, paradoxical road of time travel, that actually begins a few years from now from my original timeline, but ends in 1916 due to all the changes to reality I’ve caused. For you, it ends here though. This is the last Back To The Future The Ride release. It is called ‘Gay Wish’ and is exactly that. My wish of happiness to you all in your own adventures through time.

Below you can grab “Confidence”, and you can check out a cover of over at Back to the Future the Ride's Tumblr.

Back to the Future the Ride, “Confidence”

And keep a look out for his next solo project, True Neutral.