Big Boi, “Tangerine” ft. T.I. and Khujo

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Jive told Big Boi his solo record was a piece of art, but they did not know what to do with it. It's been a frustrating, yet humorous major label fiasco that we've taken a special interest in as we waited for Sir Luscious Left Foot to drop on Def Jam.

Naturally, the leak happened, but it gave us a chance to hear Big Boi's “piece of art” front to back and weigh our opinion as to why Jive was reluctant to release his solo. Our final opinion is that Jive are some jive-ass turkeys that should fold as a label. Sir Luscious Left Foot might have some of this summer's biggest singles in “Tangerine” (which features T.I. and Khujo) and “You Ain't No DJ” (featuring Yelawolf).

I've not heard many complaints regarding “General Patton” and “Shutterbug,” but the leak on “Tangerine” is about set this summer on fire. Big Boi's home boi asked us to “shake it like a Polaroid picture” and Big Boi's got the update this summer with “shake it like a tambourine.”

Jive cockblocked Big Boi from working with his mate Andre 3000, but we all know how Sir Luscious went around that move by releasing “Lookin' For Ya” on the internet. Andre Benjamin does make an appearance on Boi's solo, but it's as a producer on “You Ain't No DJ”, which features Yelawolf losing his fucking mind over with bars like “I party in poverty, but people be like 'so what?' / I bet you can't hitch that semi- up to this tow truck”. The track is streaming at 2DopeBoyz.

Sir Luscious Left Foot is out July 6 on Def Jam.

Big Boi, “Tangerine” (Ft. T.I and Khujo)