Birthdays' Sammy Yager is out of a coma and making progress after bike accident

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Sammy Yager, the wonderfully sweet musician behind FMLY-supported solo project Birthdays, got into a bad spill on his bike in July, and has been slowly on the path to recovery. As far as updates go, there have been two important developments in Sammy's recovery. The first is that Sammy is out of his coma, looking healthy, and walking short distances in physical therapy. All updates for his recovery can be followed at this link, and there is a steady reel of information posted by his friends and family as they visit him in the hospital.

The second update is that there is a huge benefit show planned at Silent Barn on September 14 with free stuff, a raffle, and seven great bands to perform to Yager's health. Information for the show is listed below, and a link to the full event is here. Get well, Sammy—we're all rooting for you!

The Silent Barn
Time: TBA
Sliding scale starting at $7
Slow Animal
Dillon James Rego
The Pluto Moons (featuring Max Alper)
A-E-I-O-U (vowels)
Buffalo Sex Change